Download imo for windows 10/8/8.1/7- Latest version

Imo instant messenger app is now available for download on Windows based mobile and PC.Just download imo for windows app from this site and start using it. You can now do video and voice call with your friends who used windows based mobile and desktop PC.Imo is now well-known video calling android app, and it is much better than Whatsapp, facebook video call.If you would like to play games you can also give a try to geometry dash  2.1 mobile and pc game.

Now you can do video calling from your pc for free with imo for windows app.This imo video calling app is available for the all the latest version of the windows pc.
This software is straightforward to use and it takes only a few minutes to install it on your windows pc.You can enjoy all the imo Android app features on your windows pc.Just download the imo windows version and start doing unlimited video and audio calling from your windows pc.You don’t need to have a mobile phone with you to do video call.Imo eliminates the need of having a mobile phone to do video call.

You can’t install imo android apk on your windows pc because windows do not support apk file type. Windows pc need a .exe file of imo app to install imo on your windows pc.Many software emulator programs helps a user to run android app on windows pc.One example of such emulator program is bluestacks.We write one detail step by step guide on how to use imo on windows pc with the help blustacks.
In case of imo, You don’t need to download any emulator because imo provide a .exe file of imo app which means that you can run imo on windows pc without using any emulator software.

We already wrote post on how to use imo on your pc and imo for windows mobile

imo for windows
Video call is the new calling technique you should try.Previously video calling is expensive, and it is not affordable for everyone. Imo understands this problem of expensive video calling, and they created a solution for them.The team of imo creates imo video call and chat app.
imo app mainly focused on to provide video calling to its user.People start loving the video calling feature provided by imo.Now the imo is hugely popular Android video calling app and it is now the main commpetitor Facebook, WhatsApp video calling.
Due to the enormous demand for video calling app on windows mobile and PC.Imo team creates the imo app that runs on windows mobile and pc.
To run imo on windows, you need to download imo for windows 10 7/8/8.1/xp.
We shared you detail guide on how to use imo on PC.
There are two methods of installing imo on desktop pc. First method is direct imo download for windows 8 and second is to use bluestack.

imo download for pc
1>First you need to download imo app for windows from official imo site Imo team launched windows version of imo on their official site.
You can’t use imo android version on windows based computer.This is due to seprate technologies.Android operating system is created by google and windows is created by Microsoft.
Android app is in .apk format, and windows app is in .exe or .msi format.
This is why we can’t run imo app apk on windows.
2>Once download complete open downloaded file.
This file is in your browser section.Press Ctrl+J this will open all download files.You will see ImoSetup.msi file in your download section.
Open it.
3>Imo installation window will pop up. Just follow the step show in imo screen.Installation is easy and similar to the installation of other apps.
Ok once you completed all the step you are ready to use imo for windows app.
You can check our imo for pc tutorial for more information.If you have any problem regarding installing imo please post your problem in the comment section.
We will solve all your queries.

Download imo for PC,Windows 7,8 and Mac Latest version (No Bluestacks)

Video calling is currently trending on the internet and many top sites like WhatsApp, Facebook start providing video calling features.Use imo for pc app to do video call.As the increasing hype of video calling the company called developed app called imo messaging app.Imo is the best app to interact with friends.Imo app is available for download for Android on Google play store for free.You can easily download and install the app and start using them.
Imo is also available on Pc, Windows, Mac,iPhone devices.Many people start searching for how to install imo for pc? We decided to write one tutorial that shows you how to download the imo app for pc, how to install it on your windows pc and how to use imo video calling feature.We write this blog post to help everyone who doesn’t know how to use imo.
We will answer all your question regarding downloading and installation of the app.
Video and audio calling quality of imo is far better than other, video messaging and calling app.You can enjoy all the features of imo without worry about data charges.


imo for pc

The latest version of imo app is now available for download on your laptop.You just need to download imo for laptop from imo official site installation procedure for imo app for laptop is same as imo for windows.
Make sure you are connected to the internet while installing imo video calling apk.Once you follow all the instruction shown on the screen you are ready to use imo on your laptop.
Imo for a laptop is free to use and it takes only a few minutes to complete the setup.You can’t use your imo android apk on your laptop.Laptop does not support apk files.To run imo on laptop you need to download imo app .exe file.

Many people already started using imo app, and they now want imo for the pc app.We are sharing IMO for pc so that everyone can use them on their Windows Pc, Laptop.
imo for windows:You can Download imo for windows 7 and windows 8 and all other versions of windows very quickly.Now you can start using zapya,123 movies , youcam makeup on PC
imo for windows mobile:Now you can enjoy all the features of imo on your windows phone.Just download imo for windows phone and start video calling your buddies.Do high quality video calling on windows mobile.Just download imo for windows mobile.

imo for windows


How To Use The Video Calling Feature:

1.Click on the person’s name whom you want to video call

2.In the top right corner click on the video call button(video camera style logo) to start

a video call.

3.To end it, simply press the red end call button at the bottom of the screen.


How To Use The Audio Calling Feature;

1.Click on the person’s name whom you want to video call

2.In the top right corner click on the audio call button(telephone style logo) to start

An audio call.

3.To end it, simply press the red end call button at the bottom of the screen.


An app that provides high-quality voice and video calling service for free.
Imo is currently best video calling apps for PC, Android, Windows mobile and Mac computers.If you are looking for free video messaging app, then you should check imo messaging app.Don’t waste your time on other video messaging app, uninstall them and start using imo app.
Start chatting with your friends and family with Imo app and enjoy the day.
There are many video calling apps available on the play store but IMO is best one.
IMO provide very high-quality video and voice calling features than other video calling apps.
Now facebook, whatsapp, wechat started offering video calling feautres, but they are not as good as IMO.
Imo features:
1>Very good app for high-quality voice and video calling service
2>Connect with your friends anytime, anywhere
3>Free of cost- Imo app is free to use
4>Send unlimited message to your friends
5> Group calling with your friends
6>share photos, videos, and sticker
7>Secure- You all chat messages are secured with strong encryption program
8>Compatible with all the latest version of android
9>2g,3G, 4G, Wi-Fi support
OK looks good right, Now the best part is imo is now available for download on iPhone, Android, and Imo for PC.
We are sharing the easy guide on how to Use Imo for Pc.We are sharing two methods that will help you to install imo on PC.
Method 1> Direct install.
This method is very simple, and it doesn’t required bluestacks and other emulator programs.
OK let’s start.
1>First download IMO for PC- Download imo app from this link. Your download will automatically start.

imo 1
2>After the completion of download just open the file and click on run button.

imo 2
3>Imo messenger setup windows pop up. Accept term and service.4>Click on Install button

4>Wait until installation complete, It just takes few seconds to complete the installation.

5>Once installation is completed click on finish button

6>Select your country and enter your phone number

7>You will be received verification code on your registered mobile number

8>Enter your confirmation code

6>Invite friends
Done you successfully installed imo on your desktop. Start video calling your friends and family.

Method 2> Bluestacks
For this method, you need a free android emulator tool called ‘bluestack’. Bluedstack is free software that runs Android apps on PC.
If you already installed bluestack on your computer then search for imo app. Click on install button, and you are ready to use imo on PC.
If you don’t have bluestacks app, then download bluestack from below link and install it.
After installing bluestack search for imo app and install it.

Both methods are working very well.
Use method 1 for quick installation.
You can use any methods both are simple.
Now start to use imo for pc,mac,android and windows mobile and enjoy unlimited video and voice calling with your buddies.For other apps visit all apps apk download

Download 123movies app for PC,Android,Windows for free

Looking for a quick way to download movies? If yes you should download 123movies app on your Android mobile and your PC. 123movies app is for those who love to watch and download movies online.

If you are one of them, then you should download 123Movies online app and start using it.We already share how to use youcam makeup app for pc and zapya for pc and imo for pc

If You want to download the film on your computer, feel free to download 123movies app  for PC.

123movies app

This app helps you to watch your favorite pictures online without spending too much time on finding the movie and downloading them.

Watching movies online is very easy with the use of 123movies apk.

Don’t download any low-quality movies from the internet use this app. Search for your movies and watch them in HD.

Everyone love to watch movies and download them but the main problem is to find the HD quality movies quickly and download them.

All movie lover we have good news for you. Now you don’t need to visit any site for downloading movies.You can download or watch your favourite movies online without visiting any website.
You can watch movies on your android mobile with one simple app.Just download 123movies app for android and get instant access to the thousands of movies on your Android phone.
123movies android app is currently not available for download on google play store.You need to download them from third party app marketplace.Once you complete downloading the app, you are ready to watch any movies you like on your phone.

123Movies online app will help you to find movies and downloading them.


1>Easy to use– Even newbie can download the app and start using them.

2>Availability: With the help of 123 movies you will get immediate access to all types of pictures, tv serial, and trailer.

3>Free–  No need of spending 10$-100$ on movie tickets, DVDs. Just download app and you will get access to all kind of movies for free. Download your favorite movie anywhere, anytime for free with the help of 123moviesapp.

4>User-friendly Interface

The best part of 123movies app is their user-friendly interface. All movies are sorted based on their types, categories, movies length, types and language.

Ok so the main question is how to download 123 movies app for PC and how to use it. Don’t worry I created step by step guide that will help you to use 123 movies app very easily.

Let’s Start

How to download 123movies apk for android

1>First download 123movies app file from the official site or search on Google for apk file.

apk install

Click download now button below to download app for free.

2>Once you downloaded the app on your PC, android mobile phone. The next step is to install the app. Installation is very similar to other app and doesn’t take too much time to complete the installation.

123movies apk


3>Done you are ready to use 123 movies app.

123movies android


How to download 123 movies app for pc

The steps are similar, but first you need to download Android emulator on your PC.

You can use any Android emulator available on the internet. I use bluestacks emulator for using 123 movies app.

There are many tutorials available on the internet that will help you to use bluestack.

2>First download 123movies app for PC. You can use below link for downloading the app.

3>Install the app on bluestacks

You are now ready to use 123movies app on your computer.

Thanks for reading the post if you have any problem just drop a comment below or use our contact us page. We will ready to help you anytime.Please visit for more working tutorial.

Download imo for windows mobile

The most popular Android video calling app imo is now available for windows mobile.Download imo for windows mobile and start doing the video calling on windows mobile.We already share tutorials on how to use imo app for pc and imo for windows
Microsoft windows operating system is the 3rd most popular operating system after the google android, apple ios for the mobile.It is the first most used operating system for PC.Most of the computers nowadays run on Windows operating system.

imo for windows mobile
Now many Android apps is available on windows mobile.App developers now create apps that run on Android, Windows, and ios operating system.
imo instant video calling and chat app helps you to do video and voice calling with your friends.
We already share detail post on how to use imo for pc and imo for windows.Now we write this post to guide you on how to use imo on windows mobile.
Many people feel it is very difficult to install the imo app on windows and they are looking for the tutorial on how to use imo for windows mobile.
So we write the new post on imo for windows mobile.
1>To use imo on windows you need to download the imo app for windows mobile.You can download the imo app from Microsoft app store.Click here to download imo for windows mobile.
2>Now sign in to your Microsoft app store account and click on download option. Your download will start automatically.
3>It may take few minutes to download the imo app and it all depends on your internet connection.
4> Once you download the imo app you need to install it on your windows mobile.If your downloaded imo file is on your PC, then you need to transfer it to your windows mobile.
5>Follow the step shown on your screen or refer this article on how to use the imo app for pc to complete the installation process.
Once you follow all the above steps, you are ready to use imo for windows mobile.

Download Zapya app apk for PC,MAC,Windows all version for free

Zapya is popular file transfer and sharing program created by team of
It is the app that changes the future of file sharing altogether.
Those who are looking for an alternative to file sharing apps, zapya is the best option for them.Zapya is cross-platform file sharing and transferring system.
If you already wasted your time and memory on slow speed file sharing apps, then it’s time to uninstalling these slow speed apps and start using zapya app.You can use this app to share your favorite song, video, docs any types of files with your friend.
There are many apps available in the Google play store, but none of them can match the level of zapya app.

zapya apk
10 million people already installed zapya on their mobile phones and they start loving it, and now it’s your turn to start using it.
With zapya app, you can easily transfer files from Android,iPhone, mac, windows devices, and most importantly zapya is free to use.
So you can use zapya for free to transfer your file.
1>Fast data transfer– With zapya, you can transfer files of any size at the rate of 10mb/second. Zap means lightning fast speed, and ya means you.
So at the zapya means lightning fast transfer speed to you.
2>No USB– No need for USB and other wired cables for sharing your files.
You don’t need to carry USB cable for transferring the file you just need zapya app in your PC and mobile.
3>No Internet– Zapya doesn’t require Wi-Fi, Internet to transfer file.It Saves you data and money.
4>User-Friendly– Zapya is very easy to use, and everyone can use this app.
5> Group sharing – Zapya allows you to share files between your near and far friends.
Zapya For PC-
Ok, now you get the idea of what zapya apk app is and what it does, Now its time to use zapya app for PC.
Do you want Lightning-fast file sharing speed on your computer?Do you want to use all Zapya features on your PC? If yes you should start using zapya on your PC. Zapya understands the need for fast file sharing app for PC, so, therefore, Zapya is now available for download on you PC.
We Create small tutorial on Zapya for PC

Zapya for pc
1>To start using zapya on PC you first need to download bluestacks emulator on your PC.Bluestacks is free to download, and it helps you to run any types of android app on your pc.We already share how to use 123movies for Pc, Youcam makeup and imo for PC. Please read them
2>Search for ‘Zapya’
3>Click on Install button- bluestacks start to download zapya apk file, and once the file is successfully downloaded click on install button.
4>Done- You are now ready to use Zapya apk on your PC.
So why to use slow file sharing app download zapya apk for free and start using it.
I hope you enjoy this post if you want another excellent tutorial, please visit

Download Youcam makeup app for Windows PC and Mac

Hey, girls how many of you have makeup app in you mobile?
Many girls use youcam makeup app on their mobiles but do you know youcam makeup app is also available on PC.
So in case you forgot your mobile and want to use youcam makeup app then on that time you can download the app on your PC and start using it.There are many makeup apps available on the google playstore but no one can beat this app.

We already shared how to use 123movies app for pc ,zapya apk free download   and imo for windows for now we youcam makeup app free download.
100 milions plus people already install youcam makeup app on their mobile phones, and now it’s your turn to start using it.

youcam makeup free download

This app will help you to look beautiful on camera.You can use this app to decide which hairstyle suits you for your face without actual changing your hairstyle.
The best selfie makeover camera for lipstick, blush, shades, hairstyle, and many more features.
You can easily download this app on your android phone.
This app is available on google play store.
Download the app from play store and install it on your android mobile.

Download Youcam makeup for pc


youcam makeup for pc
You can easily download youcam makeup app for free just follow below step by step guide to get youcam makeup app free download
First for using Youcam app you need an emulator program.A empulator is simple software program that allows you to use any android app on your PC.Now in this tutorial we use bluestacks emulator.
1>First download bluestack emulator on your computer.Click here to download bluestacks software.

2>Setup your bluestack account- You need to register bluestack app. enter your name,email and mobile number.Bluestack will send you confirmation code on your mobile.Once you received a confirmation message on your mobile, you just need to enter the code on bluestack.
Done you are now ready to use bluestack

3>Search for ‘Youcam makeup app’ and select install.

4>Once installation is completed you are ready to use youcam app on PC.
Start using youcam makeup app on PC.Enjoy all the app features on your PC.For more such tutorial on how to use android apps on pc please visit